Welcome to ICESat-2 Hackweek!

Welcome to ICESat-2 Hackweek!¶



ICESat-2 Hackweek will be offered virtually March 21 - 25. The purpose of the event is to coalesce people and resources around exploring, creating, and promoting effective computation and analysis workflows that utilize NASA’s ICESat-2 mission.

📖 On this JupyterBook website you’ll find tutorials. All tutorials are Jupyter Notebooks, designed to be run interactively, but also rendered on this website for convenience.

👩‍💻 Teams work collaboratively on different projects. Read more about the projects and results on our projects page

💡 Learn more about hackweeks hosted by the University of Washington eScience Institute, or check out our publication describing the hackweek educational model [Huppenkothen et al., 2018].

For the recommended citation for the content on this website see our Zenodo record: DOI

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